We live in the era of online shopping. Everything can be found in amazon and other internet places. However, when I was in Paris, there were a number of things that I wanted to get to give to my friends and also to take back home with me. I usually skip the usual souvenirs such as magnets and pens and buy things that locals would go for, making the shopping experience more real and interesting.

This is what I bought in Paris:

I. Food

Every place has its own sweets and typical flavours. In Paris you can go for the usual macarons or chocolates, but in my opinion there are some supermarket items that work just as good as the fancy La Durée desserts that locals rarely buy (which is understandable when you look at the prices!).

macarons and other French sweets

During this trip I bought some St Michel butter biscuits, Cote d’Or chocolate and some Camargue salt. There are other things that you can go for, especially if you have checked in some luggage, such as some camembert cheese, mustard, a bottle of French wine and the amazing French comfitures, including the popular chestnut paste. These are pretty inexpensive gifts and your friends and family will be able to taste a little bit of your trip.

II. Beauty

Every corner of the world has its own little beauty secrets and of course, in Paris they know what they are doing *remember when I told you about the flawless skin French have?*. There are some typically French brands that you won’t find in your go to stores and often they are better priced if you buy them in the country of origin.

My advice is to learn and document yourself as much as possible before going to a well-stocked pharmacy. There are a number of products that are not the always famous bioderma, caudalie, avéne, la roche-posay… yet some of the French beauty gurus swear by them. This article written by Marie Bladt in French Vogue was a great starting point in my research!

Lastly, a favourite of mine is the Nuxe oil, which I found substantially cheaper in Paris than in my usual website of trust.

beauty products France

III. Accessories

Even though I would not go shopping for clothes *too risky if you change your mind after you have left*, there are some little pieces that you can consider to buy when you are in Paris. Depending on your budget, you could get yourself a nice key holder at one of the luxury shops at Champs Elysees or if you rather spend your hard earned money into something, else, you can opt for a French hat or even a good quality Breton tshirt, with the classic navy stripes. You can have a look at Galeries Lafayette and find a little something that will always remind you about your Paris adventure.

french bag

A Longchamp bag is also something solid to go for: if you have a corporate life and are a girlboss like myself, you will definitely make good use of it. I love it for business trips and for those days that I have to wear a change of clothes to the office to get ready for a work dinner.

I also like looking into kitchen accessories and sometimes I have found interesting gadgets such as some individual cocottes that are really good for onion soup or some molds to bake the classic madeleines or cannelles.

Disclaimer: The pictures used on this post are from Pixabay.

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