The first time I visited Paris was a long, long time ago. I went with my sister to celebrate her graduation. We didn’t have a lot of money *broke teenagers* so we just jumped on a 12h bus ride with a couple of homemade sandwiches to take us through the journey.

We chatted, napped and got off the bus a number of times to stretch our legs and finally we arrived to la ville lumiére as some might call her *her as in she, because Paris is definitely a female!*.

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After that first trip I kept returning to visit Paris. This post gave me the excuse to go through some of the old pictures and I have found some beautiful ones for each trip. No wonder why I keep coming back!

Paris watched me grow

Once I finished university, I applied for an internship to live in Paris for some months. I was awarded with a great placement that allowed me to thrive and enjoy. I will always treasure and remember my time with Corinne, my French flatmate that I secretly admired for her simple and minimalistic looks that made her look so *so* stylish.

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After such wonderful living experience I became more or less obsessed and travelled to Paris again with friends and boyfriends. Every time I had the opportunity to plan a trip, I would chose it and each time was special as I felt I was showing the city to them. I felt Parisian!

One of the trips I loved the most was the first time that my husband and I went to see the Eiffel Tower. It was the first time for him and in a way, it represented a first time for me too, as Paris was our first international trip as a married couple.

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Eiffel París and a red scarf


So when some of months ago my sister suggested to meet in Paris for some days at the end of May I was delighted! I don’t care how many times I have been there, it is such a vibrant city that there is always something to do or a monument that you would like to revisit. At the same time, my sister and I live in different countries which means that we don’t see each other as much as we would like to, so any opportunity to spend time with her is welcomed <3

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Over the next couple of days I have prepared some Paris travel posts to share with you all the secrets that I have discovered after so many experiences and amour.

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