Travel memoirs are a collection of personal thoughts and insights that I have experienced during my travels. Memoirs are not a travel diary but an aggregation of the intimate explorations of myself throughout the places I have visited.


Boulangeries are irresistible to me. Even when I am not hungry and I have nothing to get from them, I cannot stop myself to pause and see the windows full of sweet treats and crunchy breads. Some of them are so incredible fancy that remind me to a jewelry store, with everything symmetrically organized and clean spaces that allow the shiny and soft tartalettes and cakes to be the main attraction.

Authentic Beauty

Paris architecture is something that I cannot stop looking at. Walking the streets and looking at the building facades, the windows, the doors, the roofs. Everything has so much personality, even when renovation is needed there is a je ne sais quoi that looks pretty in pictures. That is the kind of beauty that I feel attracted to: away from perfection or the usual topics and more like an authentic sense of confidence and trust in each one’s strengths.

paris facades


Walking, movement, is my favorite thing to do. There is no better way to discover the world and to admire its secrets. Magic only happens to those who walk.

In four days we walked around 56 miles and I loved the feeling of getting lost in some random streets at the Marais neighbourhood. I was looking for nothing, just turning corners and crossing streets with an open mind to find whatever the city had to offer.

paris street walking


I spent one full hour sitting at a cafe doing nothing but taking photos at the same green door. This was one of the best moments of this trip because allowed me to be observant and to appreciate people passing by, imagining their lives and more.

paris door and pedestrians

Despite living in a highly complex and never stopping world, sometimes I find joy in stopping and doing simple things.

About familiarity

This was my 10th time in Paris.

When you have traveled a number of times to the same place you become a hybrid between a local and a tourist. Visiting the top five monuments or going to spend an afternoon in the city museum is not on your to do list anymore.

Once you have done all the touristy things and had a meal at the top restaurants, after you have taken all the “must have” pictures for your multiple social media accounts, you start to do the things that you enjoy as a person rather than as a tourist or a traveler and you will definitely listen to what you really want out of the experience.

I called this sensation “Paris Mindfulness” even though has nothing to do with meditation or self contemplation. In my opinion, this is close to the principle of being there in the moment; forgetting about the perfect angle for the picture of what is next on the busy schedule.

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