A couple of weeks ago, we decided to go for a little weekend escapade to Oxford *a great way to break the routine!*. I had never ever been there before I as a huge Tolkien fan, I definitely had this English city in my bucket list. Also, there is so much hype about the Oxford University that I needed to see it with my own eyes!

We travelled by train to Birmingham and stayed in the Brummie speaking city for a couple of days. Then travelled to Oxford, however this post is to highlight some of the things we did and discovered in Birmingham!

Birmingham back to backs.

I loved this living museum and I keep recommending this attraction to everyone. I knew I had to write in my blog about this because it is just AMAZING.

Birmingham back to backs

“Back to backs” is the name given to the patios that were in the middle of four or five buildings, where people shared the space and other things such as a laundry room or the toilets.

Our tour guide, Jennifer, was super fun and full of knowledge and she walked us up and down through the different houses telling us amazing facts about the actual tenants that lived there 200 years ago. The group that was in the same time slot than us was listening and asking questions non-stop, we were all completely hooked into the realities of those families and their jobs, sorrows and joys.

I took some pictures which are not very good, but I didn’t want to stop listening to Jennifer because I was looking for the perfect snapshot!

Birmingham back to backs no electricity 1820

birmingham back to backs main room


If you only had time to eat one meal whilst in Birmingham, you definitely have to try this place. This is a middle east restaurant with the most authentic food I have ever tried.

damascena birmingham

All the flavours transported me to Israel, the atmosphere and the decoration of the restaurant was perfect. The food is really good and the portions are so generous that you can share with your friends and still get a decent meal. Don’t miss the baba ganoush, it was my favourite thing from the menu, together with the sweets!

Birmingham Art Gallery

I loved this museum. The collection of paintings and other artistic objects that live here were not my favourites, as it is mostly British art and they don’t have a lot of my much-loved impressionism or surrealism. However the architecture of the building is just amazing and they have the Edwardian Tea Rooms which is a pleasure to the eye!

Edwardian tea rooms

There is no fee for the entrance, so I went for a walk and took some pictures. I would have loved to have a cup of tea whilst in there but unfortunately, our hotel had a breakfast included in the room rate.

The New Massive Primark Shop

I had heard about it in the news and I expected it to be big – I mean, they have a coffee shop / restaurant in each of the 5 floors!

However I have to admit that it is a huge store, so giant that I can see how some people feel overwhelmed. I only bought a bathroom mat that was on sale for just three pounds – I could not leave it here and it is actually a really good quality, so I can anticipate many uses!

On the next post, I will share with you my thoughts around Oxford, which are a mix of sweet and sour! Stay tuned <3

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