The world is so beautiful and so big that it is impossible to choose a holiday destination without feeling that you are missing out *hello, holiday FOMO!*. All the names that I have listed on my holiday wish list are dream places and it feels extremely difficult to choose just one.

However, within my busy lifestyle holidays are limited and I must make a decision so we can start planning the trip and are able to pencil in some dates in the diaries. Right now, we change our mind every three seconds as to where we would like to go, so I thought about summarising pros and cons in a travel blog post to help clear my mind.

Even though the weather has not been extremely bad during the 2019 Scottish winter, one thing is clear: we would like to spend a couple of weeks somewhere sunny. Believe it or not, I have winter coats *also known as duvets because they are thick and impenetrable!!* and lighter summer coats such as trench coats or unpadded rain coats. In Edinburgh it is not very often that I leave the house without an extra layer, just in case.

Taramunda’s 2019 Lifestyle Holiday Wish List

1. Menorca (Spain)

Menorca is a solid favourite since a couple of years. One of the smaller islands in the Mediterranean sea, it offers turquoise beaches without crowds of drunk tourists that you will find in her big sister, Mallorca.

The Pros are solid: it is in Spain (and I love going back to my heritage!), its sunny, there are loads of things to do around the island including a day trip to Formentera, and it is close to Edinburgh.

The Cons that I have found are that we will probably need to rent a car to be able to explore and that can be pricey and the only direct flights that I have found are through a charter airline which will probably force us to book the entire flight + hotel package with them too.

travel to Menorca in the Spanish Mediterranean - luxury lifestyle

2. Rivera Maya (Mexico)

Mexico is also very high on my list as I love the history of this amazing country as well as their gastronomy and culture. They have amazing beaches and nature and I can definitely picture myself sipping coconut water around somewhere in the Yucatan peninsula.

The Pros are many such as Mexico being a Spanish speaking country and having a common history that I am dying to discover, landscapes and seashores that are just the paradise, good weather and plenty of things to do, including some maya ruins and temples that must be amazing. I have seen some tours online that look so interesting that I was very *very* close to click and book them.

On the other side, the Cons, Mexico would involve a transatlantic flight which is tiring and involves jetlag and we would also need to spend more days as you don’t travel to Mexico to stay just for a week (something that with Menorca we could definitely consider doing).

Mexico and cancun, a mixture of breaches and ancient mayan monuments - travel and lifestyle

3. Outer Hebrides (Scotland)

I cannot believe that I have never been to the Outer Hebrides yet. All the pictures I see, this holiday destination looks like an amazing plan. Some of the Scottish islands offer white sand beaches and the landscapes and views are just out of this world.

The Pros are not just their stunning beauty but also how I would be able to complete the Scottish picture by visiting them. They are extremely close, allowing us to even skip the airport faff and just jumping on the ferry from Oban.

The Cons are that we would have to rent a car and combine with some ferry journeys and the weather will probably be the Scottish usual, which I am not sure is what we want.

outer Hebrides in Scotland - travel and lifestyle

4. Denmark

We went to Copenhagen around seven years ago and I loved the city. As Denmark is such a small country, I was thinking that we could do a bit of exploring on the train, visiting Aarhus, Bornholm, Skagen, etc.

The Pros: I love Nordic countries and I feel that I have discovered in much more detail Norway, Sweden, Finland and Iceland. Because Denmark is so small, I have not really paid the attention it deserves, but I am ready to fix that. We could put as many or as little time into this trip, from 5 days to 2 weeks, and tailor our stops to our needs. It is very close to Scotland, which is ideal as avoids wasting time in lengthy flights *I need tele transportation please!*

The Cons: this is nothing to do with a sunny and beachy vacation but more of a city break. Also, Denmark is quite an expensive country for things like food or accommodation, so I am thinking that for the same amount of money we probably can do twice as much time somewhere else.

snapshots from Denmark - holiday and lifestyle

5. Istanbul + Turkey

My BFF travelled to Turkey during Easter and she came back with a contagious enthusiasm for this country. She was asking everyone to go urgently because of the places she visited, the food she ate, because or everything! Her amazing experience has definitely put this country on my radar and I found a couple of tours that looked very nice.

The Pros: Turkey is such a rich country that you can go to the islands and enjoy a couple of beachy days to then lose yourself in the craziness of the bazaars. It is not close to Edinburgh but it will probably be a 5h flight, which we cannot say is comparable to a transatlantic journey.

The Cons are really non-existent other than I don’t know why, I don’t have special appetite to go to Turkey right now!

hot air balloons in Turkey - holiday and lifestyle

We must choose and we have to do it quickly because otherwise the prices will skyrocket and we probably miss on the best deals and accommodations. And just as I end this post, I realise how much of a first world problem this is: it doesn’t really matter where we decide to go in the end, as all these places are just wonderful and I am privileged that I can plan a holiday and have so much beauty to choose from <3

Disclaimer: all the pictures that I have used to illustrate this post are from pixabay. Hopefully I will be able to use my own pictures soon, once I visit one (or more) of these gorgeous destinations.

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