Hair accessories were not my cup of tea until a couple of months ago. As Spring sprung, I suddenly became into hairbands after months in denial; somehow I felt inspired by the myriad of pictures and styles that I was seeing everywhere. I learnt to observe how any regular outfit could be taken to the to the next level when paired with a nice hairband… and then I started to try my own combos! *no shame!*

There are many trends out there: from the minimalist headband that reminds us how a ballerina would style her hair, to the tiara like designs that will sparkle you into the princess you are. Some people makes sure that hairband and jewellery are matching, whilst others will focus on the sunglasses and the hairband mix.

Grace Kelly and Brigitte Bardot were without doubt the precursors of this trend that apparently is possessing every fashion victim out there since Spring-Summer 2018 *yes, I am one year late to the party!*. It doesn’t matter whether your hair is long or short or whether you like to wear it straight or with a curl: there is a hairband for everyone and you only need two minutes to style it.

Let me show you my hairbands!

The first one I bought was a rustic style in a beige colour that looked really summery and went really well with one of my favourite summer bags. It looks really cute and I love how my hair looks effortlessly done when I wear it.

Cannot wait for summer time to wear sandals too, making a full “I am going on holiday” statement!

hairband and editorial Edinburgh

After this initial one, I felt brave and adventurous and bought a couple of floral ones to go with plain tops and denim dresses. I have also experimented around tying my hair whilst I wear a hairband and I like how bohemian and free spirited I look.

However, I am not brave enough to wear a patterned top with these as I am a fan of the “less is more”.

white fashion and light casual lifestyle in Edinburgh black hairband - Edinburgh lifestyle and fashion community

I tried to hairband – coordinate *yes, that is a thing now!* an animal print dress and decided to buy a velvety red hairband that is also appropriate for a night out. The result was so good that I got a blue velvet one too, and I definitely love to add some blue earrings too, as I think it looks really glamorous despite I am keeping my clothes very neutral.

headbands in blue - Edinburgh lifestyle and fashion


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