Black and white are basic colours. Fashion experts and personal shoppers would recommend to anyone, despite of age, size and skin colour; to make sure that there is a little black dress and a good quality crisp white shirt inside your wardrobe.

I must confess that I have always been really skeptical around this one colour fits all, probably influenced from the fact that I dislike those both colours. In my mind, white makes me look very big, with a strange inverted triangle body shape that worsens from all the light (and shadows) that a white piece of clothing would inevitably attract. With black is quite the contrary: I find that makes my skin and face look dull and with a yellowish undertone that resembles to the sick version of myself, not to mention the huge difficulty in keeping black looking black rather than some sort of old and worn dark grey.

A month ago or so I went to Next in Edinburgh Princes St to pick up a pair of dark red – burgundy trousers. After trying them in the store and I found that they were THE trousers. With a skinny fit, they were cropped at the ankles and incredibly comfortable. I loved them so much that I wanted to buy them in every possible colour.

There was a fair amount of variety however no colours that would catch my eye – I am not a pastel trouser person not a bright yellow or green one. They had them in black and white and despite these colours are not really my thing, I decided to give them a go.

You probably have imagined what happened next: I loved how they fit me and I bought them, conscious that I had hardly anything to style them with but hopeful that I would be able to sort them out somehow.

To be honest, I have to confess that dressing myself has lately been really fun because I have experimented with clothes and looks. Funnily enough, this has translated into receiving a lot of compliments – not just the usual “you look beautiful” from your close friends but actually strangers telling me how cool I looked. My guessing is that I was getting too comfortable with just wearing my favourite colour and whatever could go with it and, with 70% of my wardrobe accounting for being blue, probably people were not noticing my clothes anymore.

Breton shirt in Edinburgh - fashion and lifestyle


I have discovered that I quite like rock inspired outfits and having a vegan black leather jacket to wear with my black trousers is definitely helping me. I also found interesting the animal print, especially the zebra one, as I see it as a modern looking vibe. Finally, I see now that showing a bit of ankle on a white trouser with white sneakers makes you look taller – just make sure that your underwear is fit for purpose. White trousers feel really summery and they are a great match for summery-ish shoes such as espadrilles and sandals or flats. Personally, I would avoid a total black or total white outfit as I think that they both look better when together with other patterns or colours – otherwise I personally feel like a nurse.

zebra print


You can see some pics of some recent combinations throughout this blog post. I am really bad at posing learning to pose *chin up, baby* but I think you get the idea that this is just me telling *you* to get out of your comfort zone colour wise… so I guess it is only fair that I do the same!

bile beans sign and fashion in York


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