I am not in my twenties anymore and even though right now I feel a strong urge to apologise for that *???* I won’t, because I feel great with who I am.

As birthdays pile up, my confidence in myself grows too, just as if every year’s card injected some sort of powerful trust on who I can become. I love my thirties and they are the best fun ever.

Even though I have no plans to start lying about my age I don’t think I can neglect that I am getting older which means that my skin needs more attention. I have been really lucky so far and I was never known for any bad skin breakouts or the fairly common oily shiny T zone, but I can see how very slowly my face is losing some elasticity and it is not as forgiving as it was before *hello puffy eyes in the morning*. Each skin is different and what might work for you can be a complete catastrophe for me. However, I find extremely useful to ask friends about brands and products, and I believe that when a product is good, it is good even if the results can differ among different people.

For years and years I have used Estee Lauder as my go-to brand, with the Advance Repair serum on the top of my personal holy grail list. Everybody knows how good Estee Lauder products are and I know some people that swear by their Double Wear foundation. Unfortunately, most of us are also aware of how pricey these little skin miracles are: I still remember when I had to buy my eye cream and face serum on the same trip to Boots and asked the cashier to please triple check the total amount as that could not be right… *spoiler alert, it was spot on*.

I embarked on the mission to find affordable skincare products without sacrificing any of the quality that I was getting with Estee Lauder. Changing my beauty routine is no joke for me because my skin is dry and sensitive, but my mind was fixed on the goal of finding a reasonably priced moisturiser, serum and treatments.

The Extra Ordinary Discovery

the ordinary skin care - self care is an important part of my lifestyle

That is how I discovered The Ordinary, a very inexpensive brand that focuses on selling active principles rather than experiences or glamour. I ventured with 3 products: some retinol, a vitamin C serum and a caffeine based eye serum *by bye puffy eyes ever*. I tried these products for a month on my own skin, learning about them as much as I could: I found myself working with complex chemicals so I needed to go back to molecules and oxidation reactions. After a month of self-teaching and non stop reading, I was impressed with my discovery and I was ready to experiment on others: that is what BFFs are for!

the ordinary vs estee lauder

I gave to my BFF some samples of each of the three products and some indications. After a week, she came back as impressed as I was – the results are visible and these three cheap holy grail products are definitely delivering improvements. In return, she was incredibly generous and bought me a gift set from The Ordinary, which included the serum that went viral no so long ago: “buffet”. I have used it for a month now and my skin looks better than ever, allowing me to skip my foundation most days of the week *yep*.

the ordinary skin care - self care is an important part of my lifestyle

The Ordinary sells online to many countries in the world and their products can also be found in some physical stores. They don’t invest a lot in branding so the packaging is simple and minimal: I personally love this but it might not be the same to you. In this instance I would like to politely remind everyone that true beauty is on the inside! *has anyone seen The Beauty and The Beast?* Also, it is worth noting that The Ordinary are unisex, which means that my husband gets to use it too.

Disclaimer: I have paid for everything that I have mentioned in this blog post, with the exception of the gift set, which my BFF bought for me with her hard earned money *thank you BFF* I promise that this post is 100% honest and I have no intention whatsoever to sell you anything but rather the opposite: I would like to inspire you to go out there *into the wild* and find affordable beauty products that make you happy, because happiness will highlight how incredibly pretty you are. Also, I would like to extend this disclaimer to let you know that I have intentionally used neutral terms like “person” and “face” just in case you are a man or a non binary person searching for the perfect nigh serum *yep, wrinkles are unisex too*.

cute cat smelling the ordinary skin care - self care is an important part of my lifestyle

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