As embarrassing as it might be, I must confess that I have neglected my nails for years. I would bite them when feeling nervous or anxious about something and they were constantly damaged and looking not very good. I was desperate to quit biting my nails!

This terrible habit started in my childhood and kept going until I was in my thirties. I would feel very uncomfortable showing my hands at a meeting or when I was with my friends and someone complimented someone else’s manicure, turning the conversation for some minutes into nail colours and shapes and all things cuticle.

Trial… and error

I tried to quit biting my nails many times, using some transparent nail varnish that would taste bitter and disgusting. It worked for some time, then I would forget to put the product on my fingers and before I could notice it, I was back at destroying my poor nails. I know it might sound silly if you don’t have a bad habit like this, but I could not manage to stop it myself and I would feel disappointed and sad about my own willpower.

Fortunately, BFFs exist for a reason: to answer your cries of help. My BFF, who has always had really nice hands and nails, was there to help me. After an open heart conversation in which I expressed how mortified I was feeling about my hands; we tried to understand what could help me to stop it. We came to the conclusion that when I painted my nails, I would be less likely to bite them because I could see them pretty and looking good.

BFF on duty!

She knew that I would always opt for a transparent or very natural and discreet nail colour, as I would never want to turn any attention into my hands. However, she ignored my personal preference and gifted me a number of very bright and bold nail varnishes: a gorgeous red, raspberry pink, sparkly fuchsia.

When I opened the present, I was quick to share with her my concerns as I was not very sure I would ever have long enough nails to wear those vibrant colours. And that was exactly her strategy: if I went for some daring colours, I would leave my nails alone and allow them to grow, slowly abandoning my biting habit.

strawberry nails

It worked: I quit biting my nails!

After a couple of weeks in which my nails looked really weird, with those vivacious colours in a really short nail length, I managed to stop biting then and they actually grew *surprise!*

As I write this post, I have a beautiful red colour on my nails and if I wasn’t sharing this story, you would never say that a year ago I was biting my nails so much that sometimes my fingertips would hurt. However, I know that my habit is there and can be triggered any minute, especially if I don’t have my nails done.

I need to always have a manicure on so I see my hands looking great. So if you or anyone around you has the same bad habit, I want you to know that you can quit as long as you put some time into painting your nails *yes we can!*.

natural nails biting nails

Let’s talk nails!

I could never take part into all the girlie conversations about nails and colours, so I felt I needed to write this blog post. Hey, look at me, I don’t bite my nails anymore! <3 These are some of my favourite products:

– My top three brands for nail varnish are Kiko, Essie and Maybelline. I don’t care so much about the colours because for me the critical bit is the brush. I do my own manicure at home and unless I have a good brush, my right hand will look like a modernist canvas. I know there are top quality brands out there, including luxurious chanel and such, but I don’t see the point on investing so much money into a nail product. Am I missing out big time?

– I always apply Sally Hansen top coat after the usual two layers of colour. It is an amazing product that leaves my nails so shiny that I cannot live without it. Also, as I don’t do gel or shellac manicures, I find that the Sally Hansen top coat makes my home made manicure last longer.

– Since I cannot go without my painted nails *yet* I always apply a base coat too because I am scared that my nails might go yellow as I am not leaving any time between manicures. It is a transparent varnish and I have used different brands. Currently, I am on a Kiko one.

– I like my nails on the shorter side and with a straight square shape. However I must recognise that I struggle a lot when it is time to cut or file them. However, I love when someone compliments how they look *BFF knows this and she is very proud of my nails all the time!*. Also, because I am an ex-nail-murderer, I look quite often to other people’s hands.

– I have only had 2 professional manicures ever in my life. The first one was a little treat that my husband gifted to me when I had long enough nails to go to the salon *celebrate your success!*. The second time was for a Xmas night out and I must confess that I cannot wait to go again: how do they manage to leave them so perfect?

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