November is already here and I cannot believe it. The last couple of months have gone by so fast that I feel like coming out of the spin cycle of a washing machine. I have been busy living and the main consequences are the abandonment of my skincare routines, the lack of funny Edinburgh lifestyle blog posts and a complete let go budget wise. But hey! We are here for having fun and even though I have moved from my childhood where I would spend days without a shower being a wild kid, you still have to enjoy the season, right?

Right. But now it is time to come back.


I have a ritual to ease myself back into the routine. It is nothing fancy, just four steps that facilitate my return to the *girl boss life* without any holiday blues. I have come up with some of this things after years of feeling miserable when holidays were over as I finally understood that I should be grateful for the possibility of such an amazing time off and for having somewhere to come back.

You might read them and think that I am crazy. No worries, the fact is that I am! I am nuts for being happy. I am mad about coming back to work with the biggest smile of my face. And above all, I am a full time enthusiast to live my life to its fullest, which includes my 9 till 5 routine.

Think about the colleagues you like

Even though I get along with everyone in the office (girl boss first golden rule, right?), there are a couple of colleagues that are closer than the rest. It is fair to say that I miss them during my holiday period and I usually want to see them again to tell them about my time off and the stuff I got to do. Thinking about them helps me to want to go back to work because it is a reminder that not everything is business: there is some pleasure!

Go easy during the first week

The French call it *rentrée* and they agree with how hard is to go back to your routine after the holiday period. To maximise my chances of a successful rentrée, I make sure that I take the best care of myself during week one. Some examples might be to make sure you leave work on time every day (no excuses, it’s the rentrée!), take your full lunch break to unwind and breathe some fresh air, or to skip the gym altogether (I don’t even want to make the mental effort of deciding whether I should go or not).

Have a special breakfast

My inner child loves this and I am sure that yours will enjoy too. On my first day back, I make sureI have a special breakfast on the table, so I am looking forward to getting up and eat. This year I went for some crepes with yogurt and fruits, plus my usual coffee. Best starter ever!

breakfast for a goddess

Have a bath mid-week

The first week will feel long and you will be tired. It is quite amazing how some of my business as usual *BAU* activities such as sitting on the desk for 8 hours or managing numbers and spreadsheets non-stop make me feel drained after some weeks of disconnection. On Wednesday I was dragging my feet to get back home and after some food, I decided I was going to get a bath. I put my eco-consciousness to one side and jumped in a sea of hot water and peace. Three (three!) bath bombs after, I was feeling relaxed and with a clearer mind-set.

Celebrate Friday

Oh, Friday! In Latin they called Friday *Veneris*, after Venus, the goddess of love and beauty. Every girl boss that makes it through the whole first working week is definitely a goddess too and it is only right that you celebrate with your friends. Having a meal together, a night out or whatever you ladies fancy is the best way to acknowledge that routines are good for us, especially if you have some gorgeous girl friends around you to share them with!

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