I looove birthday parties.

The excitement of buying a gift for someone, going to their home, meeting with other friends and sometimes people that you don’t know… and of course the cake!

I must admit thatI can be quite picky when it comes to cakes as I don’t like anything with loads of frosting on it. I am also not a fan of caramel flavours or thick fillings. To me is all about the sponge! More often than not, I end up performing a “cake dissection” eating just the sponge and leaving everything else on the plate *unless is fruit, I love cakes with fresh fruit!*. However, the second the cake is out and everyone starts singing whilst the birthday person gets ready to blow the candles is just pure joy – what an amazing song “happy birthday” is!

Baking medias lunas

This weekend we went to a friend’s house in Edinburgh to celebrate his birthday. He lives by himself and asked all the attendees to bring something to the afternoon party so he wouldn’t have to cook and bake for hours. I was tempted to just make my usual Spanish tortilla but I ended up being brave and I made some mini croissants.

croissants mini homemade

On Saturday morning I learnt that baking croissants takes a lot of work, but it is all worthy. They were really delicious. I actually followed three different recipes at the same time, swapping things and ingredients as I thought best, so I am happily surprised by the end result.

This is one of the main reasons I am not a good cook for sweet things: I am unable to stick to a recipe and use the exact amounts. The creative process is the part I love the most, and improvising is a big thing for me, so as a result more often than not I end up missing or changing a critical step and things don’t turn out as expected. These little croissants are a huge success!

medialunas en Edinburgh

medialunas argentinas edinburgh

In Spain we call them “medialunas” which translates as “half-moons” because of the similar shape. They are not the Parisian croissants but they were flavourful, soft and aromatic.

I found them very good with a cup of tea or coffee. Also, I left some unscented so you could even cut them in half and put some cheese inside, or any other filling that you liked! I chose to do the mini version as I anticipated everybody would bring a lot of food and I wanted everyone to be able to eat a full croissant *or two…* as they were tiny.

edinburgh medialunas

Birthday gifts!

As for the birthday gift, we decided to buy him a portable barbecue. He is into meat and grilling, so it looked like the perfect present. I also love the wrapping paper we bought,really summery and good for any occasion. This may be my inner child speaking but, how cool it feels when the gift is actually something big? I love big box shaped wrapped things!

Something surprising that I have seen happening more and more often is that people do not open the gifts during the birthday party. They rather wait until everyone is gone and then they open everything privately.

Whilst I understand that sometimes it is strange to open something that you don’t really like; it is quite shocking to me that we do not have the humanity and honesty to say “hey, thanks for the time and effort you put into getting me this but I don’t think I am going to use it. I will give it to someone in need” and at the same time it is just crazy that we are living in the XXI century yet people do not include gift receipts as a rule of thumb. I always do and tell my friends that I would be happy for them to exchange my gift if it is not to their taste… or if it is actually such a good idea that they already have three of the same!

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