Remember that blog post that I wrote a while ago about deciding where to spend my summer holidays? I was pondering whether the perfect holiday for this year could be a trip to Mexico, a week in Menorca or even a city escapade to Denmark. However, life is funny in its own way and as usually happens with you are trying to make plans, something gets in the middle and you have to improvise.

Unfortunately, some family commitments mean that my husband and I cannot take the same time off during the summer months this year. Whilst he needs to save some of his holiday allowance towards year end, I find myself with two weeks of holiday in September that I need to enjoy to ensure that my batteries are recharged to take me through the last quarter of the year. This is a game changer of some sorts, as even though I don’t really mind travelling alone *after all, that is how I met him, ten years ago!*, organizing a solo trip is not the same as the usual holiday.

Friends to the rescue!

At the same time I was thinking about my holiday situation, some friends were pondering what to do this summer with their two little ones, a 2 year old and a gorgeous chubby 4 months sweet baby. They still wanted to go on vacation however with two little ones that are still so young, certain situations can become a challenge *even if these babies are absolute angels!*.

At this point I must confess I have never ever travelled with babies but it occurred to me that we could go together somewhere and create a win win situation: I can definitely help to hold the babies or ensure they are safe whilst mum and dad are taking a swim… and I could spend some quality time with my friends, whom I miss so much since living abroad!

After some chats and loads of excitement, we decided to go to the beautiful Canary Islands, which are full of amazing places and really good hotels for just resting and indulging in good books, ice cream and of course, infinity pools! We have gone really over the board and treated ourselves to a five star all-inclusive package, so we won’t have to worry about anything at all: I cannot wait to see my room! Every day since we confirmed the reservation I check on the pictures and it feels like one of this travel catalogues in the Caribbean sea… however this is as close as Spain itself with the plus of the amazing gastronomy and zero jet lag.

Tenerife beach holiday

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