A clean home is a happy home. I don’t particularly enjoy tidying up and dusting around but I appreciate when my home is spotless and everything it is in its place. Our flat is an average 70sqm size, with two bedrooms, one bathroom, kitchen and living room, so the amount of housework that we have to do is fairly attainable.

Everyone is different and routines have to adapt to people, rather the other way around. What works for me might not work for you as different lifestyles will have different needs and even routines. Our life is pretty much the standard working week with some craziness during the weekends, so the cleaning schedule I am about to describe is what delivers the best results for us.

Our weekly routine

We usually clean our home during the weekend and it takes us around two hours. We also have some small tasks that we do everyday, such as loading and emptying the dishwasher or making our bed.

You can distribute the cleaning thinking about the tasks that you need to accomplish (e.g. dusting, vacuuming, wiping) or structure your house chores according to the different rooms that you need to clean (doing everything in the kitchen for example).

We like to do it by room because if we only had a limited amount of time, at least we will have one room clean as opposed to all the rooms looking half done.

This is how we split our home by its rooms to ensure the workload is balanced:

home cleaning planning - lifestyle by Taramunda.com

My favourites are the bathroom and the living room, but we rotate them because we have found that some variety helps us to find it less boring. I love cleaning the bathroom because when it is done, everything sparkling and the smell is just amazing. Sometimes I feel that it doesn’t really matter whether your house is clean as long as your bathroom is. This is very true if you are having friends over or someone to visit you: even if your bedroom or the living room are not perfectly clean, the bathroom always must be!

Cleaning Motivation

When we feel lazy and we definitely do not want to do it, we play some music to give our motivation a boost. We also play a game in which we set an alarm clock and try to “improve” our finishing times, just like in the olympics. It becomes quite a fun competition!

We also ask each other to inspect what we have cleaned, to ensure we haven’t miss anything. For example, I tend to forget cleaning the bathroom mirror every single time, not sure why.

What is absolutely clear to me is that whenever we are traveling or too busy and we skip a weekend of cleaning routine, it becomes more difficult and tedious. In my opinion the key is to find the schedule that works for you and stick to it week after week.

A clean home is a happy home. I would add that when my home is dirty and in a mess, I feel stressed and moody; which makes me think that when I clean my home I not only clean the space but also my emotions.

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