Some of our closest friends have recently moved houses. Before, they lived in a very cozy, young couple – two bedroom house that I personally loved. However, they are expecting their first baby, which means that they will need more space and a good school as close as possible in the near future, so they decided to leave Edinburgh for a smaller town that offers the peaceful environment that they need at this stage of their lives, still allowing them to commute to their workplace.

Last Saturday they invited us over to see their new house for the first time. We walked around the town, enjoying the sun and ended up having a hot drink in an amazing coffee shop that they have discovered nearby.

new home Edinburgh

I loved this opportunity to take some pictures with my friend, as I found her radiant and prettier than even. I always want to remember how we both looked when she was 5 months pregnant! They insisted that we stayed for dinner and treated us to a homemade meal cooked by my friends, parents-to-be! *still feeling so happy about it!*

House warming gifts

Even though we know it is not necessary, we wanted to give them a little present for their new home. Life is for celebrations and when your friends are moving to a bigger, better place to raise their first little one, that is quite an achievement in my opinion.

There are many options for house warming gifts for all budgets and friendships, but I had my mind set in something for their kitchen. More specifically, I wanted to get them a nice, high quality pan and a good knife. These two tools are essential in my kitchen and I know that my friends love cooking too, so it seemed a good idea.

They loved it when the opened the gifts and the inside joke about a home not being a home until there is a pan for Spanish tortilla made us laugh together. It is so good to have friends!

Some ideas for your occasions

Everyone is different and of course, some people might not be into kitchen ware. With this in mind I have put together a list of potential house warming gifts that are beautiful ways to say congratulations yet 100% useful.

I. A nice picture

When you move into a new home most of the walls are so empty that the overall feeling can be cold an impersonal. There are many pictures that you can choose as a gift. I have linked my favourite ones below.

edinburgh gifts home warming
Frida Kahlo gorgeous floral picture is available here (very cheap!). Empowered women poster is here (even cheaper!). Edinburgh beautiful view is from an artist named Georgina Westley and it is available in her Etsy shop here.

II. Good quality cotton towels

If like me, you appreciate the feeling of getting wrapped in a thick, soft towel after your shower, then this might be up your street. There are many colours and options to choose from, with some retailers embracing really fun designs and colourful patters.

bathroom-towels-house warming gift

III. A vase

Believe it or not, but I am a full time flower addict yet I only have one glass vase that is actually not even pretty! I have put together a small list of options with different pricings – some of them will deliver to your friend’s home if you don’t get the chance to see them in person.

vase house warming gift

Blue and white vase is from Wedgewood and you can find it here. The dark blue is from Heal´s and you can find it here (very reasonably priced). The black and white base is from Made and it is on sale! here. John Lewis has the golden one, which is definitely a winner, here.

IV. Candles or fragranced diffusers

Everybody loves a nice smelling candle and the light they provide is very relaxing and romantic. There are so many to chose from that you might want to go for the safest option, but if you feel brave diffusers, drawer liners and even little bags to hang inside the clothes are available in the shops!

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