Despite my love for short city breaks, I must confess that I love spending some free weekends at home. Edinburgh lifestyle is so effervescent, with so many things to do, that I never get bored of its streets and corners.

This weekend was quite busy, as I had a number of errands and chores to do after spending last week in Paris. I love reading blog posts to see what ordinary things people do on their day to day lives, so I thought it would be a good idea to blog a weekend with me.


I started Saturday going to the gym. Spinning is my favourite thing to do and even though an 8.45am class means getting up quite early, I actually like that the fact that by 10 I will be in the city centre and ready to do anything. On weekends I shower and do my make up at the gym, as it is more convenient to avoid wasting time going home to get ready.

Usually I never eat breakfast before the morning workout and this Saturday I also did it with a purpose: I wanted to visit Chapter One, a coffee shop in Dalry Road. This small business has decided to go vegan and from June they have stopped serving any animal products.

chapter one weekend edinburgh

chapter one atmosphere in Edinburgh

Even though I was a customer before they made this change, I was moved by their gesture: taking such a risk in your business is always something that I appreciate and value and my Saturday breakfast was the best way I could think to support them. I really hope they do well in this new venture: based on the food I ate, I think they have everything needed to succeed.

After breakfast we decided to jump on the bus and visit the Leith Farmers Market. Edinburgh markets is something that I enjoy very much and the products they sell are certainly of a good quality: things you cannot buy in the regular shops such as Mademoiselle Macaron or the wonderful Kuku slices. We always go equipped with our reusable bags and some cash and buy some treats for the weekend *just because I am a terrible baker it doesn’t mean that I don’t enjoy a sweet treat with a cup of tea!*.

Leith port in edinburgh lifestyle


Leith market mushrooms

And just like magic, we learnt that there was an exhibition at the Edinburgh’s Museum about Lives from Leith. As the tram works progress, there were a number of archaeological excavations and after some forensic studies, they put together this display which showcases a reconstruction of the people that were living in Leith a long, long time ago. I found it very interesting and I learnt so much that felt over excited after walking around the museum. Also, I cannot believe that such incredible museum show is actually free: we are so lucky to live in Edinburgh that I could not resist making a donation.

edinburgh museum Leith lives archaeology

Gym, breakfast, market and museum learning had drained all my energies and considering the weather was not really helping, we decided to go back home and spend the rest of the evening batch cooking, tidying up and eating our Leith Market purchases with a hot drink <3


On Sunday, the commencement was quite the same: a 9.30 spinning class that left me wondering whether actually had any sense to eat so many pastries in Paris to then having to exercise vigorously to make up for the excess! *secret answer: yes!*.

However this time I went back home after the class because on Sundays I really enjoy cooking a beautiful meal, setting up the dining table in the living room and taking our time to eat and appreciate how lucky we are to have a beautiful home, each other and… some amazing cooking skills! *girlboss*.

This time I cooked a veggie paella, a Spanish classic that we love. It is full of flavour and even the colours on the plate, make me happy! <3

vegetarian paella in Edinburgh

After our Sunday meal we had a bit of quiet time at home: my husband took a nap whilst I decided to watch some youtube and read some online blogs. Spending alone time is really important for both of us and we try to do this as often as we can to recharge our batteries and allow some space to miss each other.

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