The world knows that I am a terrible baker. Like a magic spell, every time I try to do something sweet using my oven, disaster happens. Cakes don’t rise or rise too much. They are raw in the centre or so dry that are not edible. Sometimes there are strange flavours coming through, like when I used a brand new silicon mold and the cake tasted like washing up liquid. It was like having a cake perfumed by Fairy – no bubbles involved!

There are a number of occasions in life that you need to know how to bake at least an easy sponge. For example, I would love to make a birthday cake for my husband, but the last time I tried, it was not really appealing to the eye and we ended up going to Edinburgh celebrity bakery Mimi’s Bakehouse.

At work, sometimes the charity committee organises bake sales to raise funds and even though I would love to bring something nice to the office, I know it is going to be a disaster so I don’t try anymore. It makes me sad to be so baking-useless and sometimes I have thought about doing a weekend course or something similar to learn a couple of easy baking items that I can make when the occasion requires something sweet on the table *let’s put that on the to do list!*

Empowering the girl boss in me!

So, because I am crap at baking, one day I decided to start making savoury things for bake sales, celebrations, afternoon teas and any special time that would require a slice of cake. Convinced by my own impression that making anything is always better than buying it, a few years ago I showed at work up with a Spanish potato omelette *tortilla*, to support my team that was pushing to get a certain donation target.

spanish omelette in edinburgh

I sliced my beautiful tortilla on the table and cut slices so people could help themselves and I remember I added some signs to warn everyone that it was a savoury dish, just in case they weren’t familiar and expected something sweet before the first bite. To be absolutely honest, I was super anxious and I had all sort of thoughts racing through my head. I mean, who brings a savoury strange international dish to a bake sale? *nobody is going to like it!*

It was an absolute success.

Spanish Tortilla in Edinburgh Happened!

The 10 slices disappeared so fast that some people came to my desk, asking if I had more because other colleagues had recommended them to get some *yay!!*.

People that didn’t even worked in my team sent me emails *emails!!!!* asking for the recipe. Everyone was super excited and I was incredibly happy that for once, I could help to raise money to charity by cooking something rather than donating myself.

With time, my Spanish tortillas became really popular and I would have some pre-ordered slices at each bake sale *someone, please tell Mary Berry now!*. People tried to make it at home, with different levels of success. Some colleagues asked me whether I could teach them, in their homes, how to make a potato omelette. And that is how the Spanish tortilla in Edinburgh workshops were born!

spanish tortilla in Edinburgh

I went to people’s homes with ingredients and explained the step by step of how to prep a delicious and mouth-watering tortilla. It is a wonderful experience for me, as I can share some of my cooking skills, as well as for friends, colleagues and even second degree connections that I didn’t know but would email me as “a friend of a friend”.

I still run these workshops and I have expanded the scope. Whilst the tortilla is the most requested one, people have shown interest in other traditional dishes such as paella or other Spanish tapas. I love cooking and I feel great sharing some of my heritage, telling people about food stories and even teaching them some Spanish words or giving travel advice!

PS. Still obsessed with learning to bake!

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