Whilst some of my friends developed an interest for the culture, arts and other aspects of the East Asian countries, such as China, Japan or Thailand; I never felt particularly attracted to them. Perhaps I was more of an East Asia girl, with a passion for India, Israel, and other Arabic countries. The culture, love for food and family values are something that I appreciate hugely. Even though their understanding of religion might be different to my own views, I can see the spirituality in some of the things they live on the day to day life.

Until now.

Around a month ago I discovered a Youtube channel by Angelica, a girl in her twenties who is originally from Korea but lives in Sydney – Australia. Her videos are completely different from what I was used to watch in the over-the-top famous platform. For me, YouTube was all about travel videos or cooking ones, and always involving someone talking directly to a camera, with the usual opening “hello, welcome to my channel, please subscribe…”.

In most of her videos, Angelica doesn’t speak at all, she just does her usual stuff such as getting dressed, cooking, tidying up, eating, walking in the street, going to the shops… as if no one was there. We are mere spectators, observing what she does and how she does it. It feels really special and her aesthetics and Korean lifestyle are so perfect and loving that her videos have become a huge inspiration in my mundane life!

I really appreciate how carefully she presents her food, even though she is cooking just for her. She has a taste for minimal gold jewellery, which I definitely share. She lives with two cats that are the cutest and fluffiest little ones. And the thing I love the most: she is a really good cook and I love some of her recipes, to the point that I am motivated to try some of the traditional East Asia dishes, such as the Korean bibimbap.

Cooking Korean with a pinch of lifestyle

I think that when I told my husband that I needed to go to the Asian supermarket in Edinburgh to buy some supplies for bibimbap, he probably thought I was getting obsessed with this Korean girl to the point that I wanted to eat what she ate.

Whilst I won’t confirm or deny such point *hahaha* I would like to point that the actual dish looked amazing when she prepared it, so up my street that it was unbelievable.

I watched her preparing it and read a couple of recipes and then, I was ready for the fun: all I needed was some Korean red pepper spicy paste *gochujang* and some pure sesame oil.

kitchen disaster

Spoiler: the food was amazing however I think I underestimated the actual amount of work to put it together, as you have to work on 4 different preparations at the same time: boiling the soya sprouts, boiling the spinach, sautéing the courgette, getting the rice ready, frying an egg, chopping some carrots, putting a sauce together… all at the same time and ensuring it doesn’t go too cold so all the flavours are there. My kitchen was a disaster as you can see in the picture above, but when the food is good, I don’t mind the cleaning!

Something I really loved was the final instructions of someone’s recipe that I read: once you put all the ingredients together in your bowl, in the right order, stop for a few seconds to admire it. The colours, the texture, the aromas. And after just some moments of thinking about your hard work to bring to the table such an impressive dish… use your chopsticks to mix everything together and enjoy your meal! 

korean bibimbap

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