I love looking back each month and going through some of the things that I have done.

This exercise allows me to remember the best moments, as well as increase my understanding of how some things that seemed really important (and sometimes catastrophic) weren’t that bad at all. I have to admit that tis month I had a laugh when taking a look at my camera roll for June as there is definitely one theme strongly going on: FOOD!

June started in Paris, where I was spending a long weekend with my sister. She is five years younger than myself and sometimes I am very surprised about how brave and wise she has become in her personal search for true happiness. I love her to bits and pieces and I don’t ever imagine my life without her.

After the Paris series I am not sure I have any excuses to post more pictures other than… I just want to do it so please bear with me just for some more European architecture!

paris again

saint chapelle

Whilst in Paris we walked up and down and visited most of the monuments. It comes without saying that we had plenty of coffee and cakes, croissants and my favourite sweet from this trip: the wonderful coffee éclairs!

After the short break, we also had a number of getting together with friends: from new homes to birthday parties; any excuse is good to see the people you love and indulge with some amazing food.

I baked scones, little Argentinian bizochitos (picture below!), some of the ancestral mbeyú… my kitchen has been working non stop! Luckily enough I also craved some healthy foods, such as the simple yet amazing apple with peanut butter…

argentinian bizcochitos

apple and pb

I wonder whether is just me, but in Summer I tend to eat more than in Winter months, which means that I have to ensure that I exercise appropriately.

June has been a really good month gym-wise: I started a weight routine, continued with my usual spin clases and visited the facilities twice a week.

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