A couple of Sundays ago, we decided to go for a walk to Edinburgh’s Stockbridge Market. This is one of our favourite Edinburgh weekend plans specially when the weather is dry and sunny. I like to get off the bus in Princes St and then walk to the market enjoying the beautiful houses and flats that you can see on the way.

girl crossing in the Stockbridge neighbourhood in Edinburgh
We did some walking around the market stalls and got mesmerized with the huge amounts of free style paella rice that the Spanish Casa Roble were selling. Then we decided to go for a drink to Artisan Roast, which is a great place for good quality coffee in Edinburgh. We were really lucky and got a tiny table outside. After enjoying our cappuccinos and free vitamin D *I know!* we kept walking to Waitrose as I had some bits and bobs that I wanted to get to cook dinner and we also love getting The Observer every Sunday to read a paper at home. It feels like a real treat!

On our way to Waitrose we found a little bookcase in the street, which was a “community library” and had some free books inside. It felt strange that we never saw it before as we walk around the area quite often and of course I couldn’t stop the urge of taking a look to see which books were available to take home with me. I found “Believe me”, a thriller novel by JP Delaney that caught my eye quite quickly. Even though I have a bunch of books on the reading queue *I mean, who doesn’t?* I decided to grab it.

community library + reading and lifestyle

A great book

After lunch I sat in the couch and started to read the book. It took around 20 pages to have me completely sucked in. “Believe me” is easy to read and there are multiple plot twists and lots of action, which makes it very addictive. I spent the rest of the afternoon reading, stopped at 8pm for a quick bite and continued for another couple of hours before going to bed.

I love reading since I was a child but it is not very often that I find a book that I cannot put down – those are the really good ones that I will remember years and years after I have read them.

I am not sure how it happened, but I had read 300 pages in one sit *yep*. I needed to finish the book but I also wanted to go to bed. I must admit that the next day I took the book to the office *anyway it was glued to my hands since I took it out of the community library* and actually managed to read some more during my lunch break… I was dying to go home in the evening and finish it as the suspense was killing me, my mind kept imagining the characters and what would happen in the end.

It was good to actually get to the final page and declare out loud in the middle of our living room “OMG I have read it all and I cannot believe everything that has happened in these 400 pages”. However the feeling of emptiness that you get when you finish a book that you enjoy that much is just heart breaking.

I feel like I have lost a friend as I won’t hear any more about the main character in the book, Claire. I wonder how her life would be now, after the story that we lived together *even though I was just a mere observer*. I miss the addictive relationship with the story and I am positive that I was having major dopamine shots every time something big was exposed.

I don’t know who left this book in the community library shelves but to you, wherever you are, if you ever read this… thanks <3

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